Gapsa Temple

  • Address567-3, Gapsa-ro, Gyeryong-myeon, Gongju-si, Chungcheongnam-do
  • Opne hoursOpen year-round


Gapsa Temple, founded in the Baekje Period, is a branch temple of Magoksa and one of the 10 temples of the Hwaeom Order of Korean Buddhism. Gapsa, which means the “foremost” or the “best,” has also been called Gyeryonggapsa based on the name of the mountain since the 18th century. On the temple site, there are 15 Buddhist halls as well as monasteries and auxiliary halls, and there are hermitages throughout the mountain. It also contains a number of treasures including the Iron Flagpole and Pillar of Gapsa Temple (Treasure No. 256), Stupa of Gapsa Temple (Treasure No. 257), Bronze Bell of Gapsa Temple (Treasure No. 478) and Worinseokbo Wood Blocks (Treasure No. 582).
The 9 valleys of Gapsa between the temple and Sujeongbong Peak contains rocks with engravings of the valley names. Here, you can enjoy the breathtaking sight of the clear waters, massive rocks and old trees.
※ Tip: The Daesinje Parade from Gapsa Temple to its parking lot on the third day of the first lunar month is a must-see event. A ritual is performed in front of a tree in a fantastical shape to pray for the well-being of the villagers, and it shows a harmonious blend of Buddhism and the local folk religion. The climax of the festival is where people write their wishes on paper before burning them.