Sinwonsa Temple

  • Address1, Sinwonsadong-gil, Gyeryong-myeon, Gongju-si, Chungcheongnam-do (8 Yanghwa-ri)
  • Opne hoursOpen year-round


Sinwonsa Temple is nested in the foothills of Gyeryongsan, which has long been considered a sacred mountain. The temple was founded during the reign of King Uija of Baekje (651 AD). This had been one of the sites for the National Sancheonjesa (lit. mountains and streams rituals) since the Unified Silla Period. The rituals were held at Sangakdan on Myohyangsan Mountain on the north, Jungakdan on Gyeryongsan Mountain in the center, and Haakdan on Jirisan Mountain on the south.
Jungakdan (Treasure No. 1293) served as a place for national rites, and Empress Myeongseong erected an altar to pray for the nation. Despite its small size, it appears magnificent and splendid due to its royal architectural style. At Jungakdan, a religious ritual is held every year for the mountain spirit of Gyeryongsan, and it shows a harmonious blend of Confucian, Buddhist and Shamanic ritual styles.