Gyeryongsan Mountain

  • AddressSan 6 Bunam-ri, Sindoan-myeon, Gyeryong-si, Chungcheongnam-do
  • Opne hoursOpen year-round


Gyeryongsan Mountain was given its name because the ridge between Cheonhwangbong (845m), the main peak of the mountain, and Yeoncheonbong (739m) and Sambulbong (775m) peaks is in the shape of a rooster comb. It is considered one of the top four mountains that is considered propitious according to Pungsujiri, or the principles of geomancy and geography. Of particular note, it welcomes endless streams of visitors with its eight famous scenic spots.
Large Buddhist temples have been founded in this area since the Three Kingdom Period, and some of the temples with long history and traditions include Gapsa, Donghaksa and Sinwonsa. It contains a large number of Buddhist cultural assets including the Brother-Sister Pagodas, the Five-story Stone Pagoda of Cheongnyangsa Temple Site, and the Stupa of Cheonjin. Of particular note, the iron flagpoles, stupas, great bells, stone Buddhist statues, and Worinseokbo wooden blocks are considered important Buddhist cultural heritage.