Gongjudaegan Mountain Range

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This refers to the mountain range connecting Wolseongsan Mountain (Bonghwadae Beacon Mound), Jumisan Mountain and Duribong Peak of Mangwolsan, which surround Gongju in the shape of a massive ship. Hikers can relax in a pavilion below Bonghwadae Beacon Mound and Duribong Peak, and 150m below the pavilion, there is a spring where the iron-rich water quenches people’s thirst.
Duribong Peak overlooks the area south of the Geumgang River, and you can also take a look at the Gongju Weir, constructed as part of the Four Major Rivers Restoration Project. At the peak of Wolseongsan Mountain, where a beacon mound is located, you can enjoy a view of the Geumgang River, bridges and the area south of the river. On the Ugeumti Pass stands the Memorial Tower for Donghak Revolutionists dedicated to the Donhak Peasants Army. There is also a beacon mound on the peak of Wolseongsan Mountain that served as an important instrument of communication between Hanyang (present-day Seoul) and the three southern provinces in the Joseon Dynasty. As such, it is a perfect place to go hiking and learn the history of Korea.