Jemincheon Stream

  • Address201, Muryeong-ro, Gongju-si, Chungcheongnam-do
  • Opne hoursOpen year-round


The Jemincheon Stream, the source of which is found in Geumhak-dong, Gongju, joins the Geumgang River in Geumseong-dong and passes through the downtown area of Gongju. Its starting point is surrounded by a large forest area including Cheolmasan Mountain as well as numerous rocks and pebbles, while its end point and embankment are located at the city center of Gongju. The water level is relatively low in the latter area due to the construction of a weir, etc., and it is covered with persicaries, water parsleys and reeds.
The Jemincheon Stream has recently been restored as an ecological stream through an ecological stream construction project, where hiking trails were created. Green spaces and rest areas were also formed on the streamside to turn it into a place of history and culture for the general public. It is a thematic cultural space that communicates various stories, and a place of leisure where citizens can enjoy water activities.