Gongsanseong Fortress

  • Address65-4 Geumseong-dong, Gongju-si, Chungcheongnam-do (280 Ungjin-ro)
  • Opne hours9 AM to 6 PM (Closed on Seollal (Lunar Near Year) and Chuseok)


Gongsanseong Fortress (Historical Site No. 12) is an iconic fortress of the Baekje Kingdom, and it served as a royal castle during the Ungjin Baekje Period (475-538AD). It is a fortress built with earth along the valleys and mountain ridges at an elevation of 110m, where the Geumgang River flows. It was called Ungjinseong in the Baekje Period, Gongjusanseong in the Goryeo Period, Gongsanseong after the Goryeo Period, and Ssangsusanseong after King Injo stayed here during the Rebellion of Yi Gwal (1624). It was rebuilt as a stone fortress during the reign of King Seonjo and Injo of the Joseon Dynasy.
Why was the royal castle built on a mountain in the Baekje Period? The fortress walls were erected to prevent invaders from infiltrating into the royal castle, while two gatehouses were built in the south and north and the entrance was concealed from potential invaders. Ongnyeobongseong (Chungcheongnam-do Monument No. 99) is a fortress built with earth next to Gongsanseong Fortress and served the role of an auxiliary fortress.

● Tip: During the Baekje Cultural Festival, you can cross a floating bridge from Gongsanseong to Geumgang Singwan Park. At Geumseoru, you can observe the Ungjinseong Royal Guard Changing Ceremonies, and the beautiful night view of the fortress can be witnessed from Geumgang Singwan Park.