Symbolic Icons



Signature of Gongju has been made intentionally for the basic elements of C.I system - symbolic mark and logotype - to be formed in a united image through its combination in an organized and effective manner. Vertical and horizontal combination is utilized in all the designs, being developed enough to maintain the image and unification of Gongju. To use them effectively, the proportion and space cannot be adjusted, and therefore the user has to refer to this manual, without fail, as the standard example when using the signature.

Type of Logo

Type of Logo

Combined with the symbolic mark, the Logotype of Gongju is applied to the official sign of Gongju and all the visual media in broad manner and takes a central role in the communication activity of Gongju. This logo in Korean, English andss Chinese has been designed specially in view of the independent identity, legibility and harmony with the design elements such as symbolic mark.

Other Symbols

  • Forsythia

    Forsythia, which covers mountains and fields every spring,is an indigenous flower and symbolizes the hope of the Korean people.

  • Zelkova

    Its beauty signifies honesty, simplicity, balanced development and self-preservation, while its strength signifies self-preservation.

  • Magpie

    Believed to deliver good news, magpies emphasizes friendliness and politeness of Gongju, the city of education and culture.

  • Bear

    A bear is related to the myth of Ungjin, the ancient name of Gongju. It signifies trustworthiness and honesty of the citizens.