Baekje Cultural Festival

  • Period 2019.9.28. ~ 10.6.
  • Location Geumgang Singwan Park, In and around Gongsanseong Fortress
  • Phone 041-840-8090


Baekje Cultural Festival hosted by Gongju will be held at the sites of the Royal Tomb of King Muryeong, Geumgang River, Gongsanseong Fortress and Sanseong-dong Traditional Market. The original programs conducted in the past will be available, with the addition of experience programs and events that will focus on the theme of “King Muryeong of Baekje.”

This year’s programs include the daytime program at the Royal Tomb of King Muryeong, the nighttime programs at the Geumggang River and Gongsanseong Fortress, and the daytime and nighttime programs at the Sanseong-dong Traditional Market. The operation of these programs will be entrusted to a specialized agency. In addition, a public hearing session will be held in the presence of citizens and experts to collect opinions and discover new programs.

The Baekje Cultural Festival will be fostered as an international and national event, contributing to the promotion of Gongju’s prestige and status, thereby invigorating the local economy. As one of the top three cultural festivals of Korea, the Baekje Cultural Festival of Gongju will continue to show progressive advancements in the future.