Gyeryongsan (Mt.) Mountain God Festival

  • Period2019.4.5. ~ 4.14.
  • Location Sinwonsa, Yanghwa-ri ,Gyeryong-myeon
  • Phone 041-840-8090


The Religious Service for the Mountain God of Gyeryongsan Mountain is a traditional festival held to carry on the folk religion of honoring mountain spirits. The festival was launched by Sim Woo-sung, the Director of the Gongju Folk Drama Museum, in 1998, and it has been held annually around March 16 in the lunar calendar. These days, it is hosted by the Preservation Society for the Religious Service for the Mountain God of Gyeryongsan Mountain. The festival consists Confucian, Buddhist and Shamanic ritual ceremonies as it aims to emerge as a “harmonious festival of Confucianism, Buddhism and Shamanism.”

Sinwonsa Temple, Gongjuhyanggyo Confucian Academy and the Yanghwa-ri Mountain God Ritual Operating Committee participate in the religious service. The main religious service is conducted on the stage at the parking lot of Sinwonsa Temple, while the Confucian water god ritual, Confucian mountain god ritual and Buddhist mountain god ritual are held at the Ungjindan site of Gomanaru, Gyeryongdan site, and Jungakdan site, respectively. The celebratory performances consist of folk games and intangible cultural heritage performances, and various other programs are conducted during the festival period.