Other Festival

  • Park Dong-jin Pansori Competition

    Park Dong-jin Pansori Competition

    • Period : July
    • Location : Gongju Culture & Art Center

    Park Dong-jin is a master of pansori born and raised in Gongju who opened a new horizon in this genre of traditional music. Park Dong-jin Pansori Competition has been held as a part of the effort to carry on his legacy and artistic spirit, and it has become one of the most prestigious pansori competitions in the country.

    This event not only contributed to the promotion of pansori, which communicates the national sentiments by story-Phoneling, but also became a pride of Gongju as a “gateway” to success and recognition for aspiring pansori practitioners.

  • Geumgang Nature Art Biennale

    Geumgang Nature Art Biennale

    • Period : August
    • Location : Yeonmisan Nature Art Park

    The Geumgang Nature Art Biennale is playing a pivotal role in the nature art movement as a festival that celebrates nature artists around the world and their achievements and gives them a chance to share their thoughts and ideas about nature.

    It is a festival for not only artists but also the laypeople. It urges people to engage in creative thinking and see the natural environment from a brand new viewpoint. It also offers exhibition and experience programs for the general public including children.

  • Gongju International Art Festival

    Gongju International Art Festival

    • Period : September
    • Location : Limlip Art Museum

    In Gongju, a city of history and culture, a special art festival is held to present diverse artworks by Korean and foreign artists. There are also a wide variety of participatory programs where the participants can heal their minds and souls and escape the weariness of their daily lives. Artists from at least 10 countries in five continents are invited every year as a way to present contemporary artworks that reflect the unique cultures and artistic styles of the participating artists’ countries.

  • Gongju Chestnut Festival

    Gongju Chestnut(Bam) Festival

    • Period : 9.24.~10.2.
    • Location : Yeonmun Plaza in Geumseong-dong

    Gongju chestnuts are nationally famous for their highly quality. Every year, there is a chance to buy these high-quality chestnuts at affordable prices. It is none other than the direct trade market held as part of the Gongju Chestnut Festival. In addition to the market, there are a wide variety of experience programs in store for the visitors to the festival including “chestnut cracking experience,” “chestnut tuho (throwing into a canister) experience,” “chestnut weight guessing game,” and “chestnut roasting experience” programs that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.