UNESCO World Heritage

It refers to the heritage listed in UNESCO World Heritage' by UNESCO according to 「Convention for the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage」 declared in 1972.

  • 공산성 사진(전경)

    [ Gongsanseong ]

  • 송산리고분군 사진(전경)

    [ Royal Tombs in Songsan-ri ]

Registration announcement of Baekje Historic Areas to UNESCO World Heritage

Located in the midwest of Korea, the heritage related 3 capital cities represents the latter period of Baekje Dynasty reaching its cultural peak through active exchange with neighboring countries. Baekje is one of the countries from the period of Three States and it existed for 700 years from B.C 18 to B.C 660.

Baekje Historical Areas serial national property consisted of 8 heritages from latter period of Baekje Dynasty (475~660CE). 8 heritages are Gongsanseong Fortress and related to Woongjin capital, Gwan buk-ri heritage and Busosanseong Fortress related to Royal Tombs in Songsan-ri Sabi capital city, Jeongnimsa Temple site, Neungsalli Ancient tombs. Naseong castle. Wang gung-ri heritage and Mireuksa Temple site which are related to duplicated capital cities of Sabi.

These heritages show that Baekje accepted urban planning, architectural technology, art and religion from China and passed them to East Asia countries as well as Japan after developing them.