Royal Tombs in Songsan-ri

Royal Tombs in Songsan-ri of Baekje dynasty during Woongjin period (475~538) and it has 7 ancient tombs. Tomb 1 to 5 are stone chamber tombs made by piling stones while royal tomb of King Muryeong and Tomb 6 are brick chamber tombs made of tunnel shaped bricks. Especially, Royal tomb of King Muryeong was excavated as it was originally built so its date of establishment (525) and connection with China and Japan can be confirmed.

Royal tomb of King Muryeong is a tomb for 25th king of Baekje, King Muryeong and the Queen and it was found by accident while doing drainage construction. It is the only royal tomb that shows the identification of buried person and it presents glamorous culture of Baekje through sophisticated beauty and high standard handcraft skill 1500 years ago.

Woongjin Baekje history center

Woongjin Baekje history center offers historical and cultural contents of Baekje, education using IT system, promotion and experience programs so visitors can easily experience Baekje culture. It has exhibition center and media center.

Jeongjisan Mountain heritage

Jeongjisan Mountain heritage are dwelling site and the royal facility site for memorial service. Heritages related to memorial service such as bowl support with glamorous decoration and tripod earthenware were found. On the purchase certificate found in Royal tomb of King Muryeong, the location of Royal tomb of King Muryeong was written as site of god'. It is very important to understand the construction and idea of memorial service during Woongjin period.

* TIP : Jeongjisan Mountain heritage located on the way to Gongju National Museum from the byroads of Royal tomb of King Muryeong is a perfect trail for slow walking while overlooking Geumgang railroad bridge and Gongsanseong Fortress.

Gongju National Museum

Gongju National Museum keeps and displays 40,000 cultural assets including Royal tomb of King Muryeong excavated in Songsanri tombs site and 18 National treasures and 4 Treasures found in Daejeon and Chungnam area.

  • “Chamber of Royal tomb of King Muryeong embracing the spirit of King Muryeon"

    It displays heritages found in Royal tomb of King Muryeong. There is a bust of King Muryeong at the entrance of Museum and inside as well as outside of tomb was delicately restored to help visitors' understanding. Video about excavation ol Royal tomb of King Muryeong and Jeongjisan Mountain heritage is being played near the entrance.

  • “Chamber of Chungnam ancient culture showing the overall culture of Baekje"

    It displays important culturalassets to show the trend and change o1 Chungnam ancient culture from Proto Three States period to transfer of Sabi.