Provincial Tangible Cultural Assets

  • Dongwon-ri Stone Pagoda

    Dongwon-ri Stone Pagoda

    • [Provincial Cultural Treasure No. 49]
    • Location: Songwon-ri, Sinpung-myeon.
    • Located at the Dongwonsa temple site and is believed to have been built during the Goryeo period (918-1392).
  • Oryong-ri Gwibu

    Oryong-ri Gwibu

    • [Provincial Cultural Treasure No. 61]
    • Location: Oryong-ri, Iin-myeon
    • A monument shaped like a turtle for prince Seungseon, the 5th son of King Injo
  • Gongju Hyanggyo

    Gongju Hyanggyo

    • ['Local Confucian school', Provincial Cultural Treasure No. 75]
    • Location: Gyo-dong, Gongju-si
    • Local Confucian school established by the government during Joseon period. The tablets from the sex sages of Sung (Chinese dynasty) and 16 Korean sages are in place at the shrine. Ceremonial rituals take place twice a year, in the spring and autumn.
  • Monument to Prince YeonPyeong

    Monument to Prince YeonPyeong

    • [Provincial Culture Treasure No. 89]
    • Location: Mansu-ri, Iin-myeon
    • A monument to prince Igwi, who became chief administrator Yeonpyeong-bu.
  • Seonhwadang


    • ['benevolent hall', Provincial Cultural Treasure No. 92]
    • Location: Ungjin-dong, Gongju-si.
    • The public office of the provincial governor during the Joseon dynasty.
  • Pojeongsa


    • [Provincial Cultural Treasure No. 93]
    • Location: Ungjin-dong, Gongju-si
    • Main gate of the Chungcheong Army Command during Joseon dynasty. During war, it was used as the general's command post.
  • Gongju Sohak-dong Faithful Son Memorial Monument

    Gongju Sohak-dong Faithful Son Memorial Monument

    • [Provincial Intangible Cultural Asset No.99]
    • Located in Sohak-dong Gongju
    • Monument commemorating the faithful behavior of a faithful son. This monument has a significance as the nation's first relics commemorating faithful behavior written in the nation's record (Samguk Sagi)
  • Gacheok-ri Stone Pagoda

    Gacheok-ri Stone Pagoda

    • [Provincial Cultural Treasure No. 98]
    • Location: Gacheok-ri, Tancheon-myeon.
    • A stone pagoda left at the site of Goreo temple Cheongnimsa.
  • Gongju Sangshin-ri Danggan Jiju

    Gongju Sangshin-ri Danggan Jiju

    • [Provincial Intangible Cultural Asset No.94]
    • Located at Sangshin-ri Banpo-myeon
    • Danggan Jiju is installed at the entrance of the temple. A flag in the name of Dang is normally installed whenever the ceremony or event is held in the temple, when a long bamboo rod to attach such Dang is called Donggan, and two stone column that support this at both sides of Danggan is called Danggan Jiju. In view of the stone-polishing skill and the feature in each part, it seems to be the work from Koryo era.