Special Products

  • Gomannaru Rice

    Gomannaru Rice

    It is high-quality and savory rice that boasts a head rice rate of over 95% and protein content of under 6% and undergoes strict quality control from production to shipment

    • Sale period : year-round
  • Unripe Pepper

    Unripe Pepper

    Nation renowned unripe pepper is produced in the greenhouse through low-pesticide cultivation, which tastes little bit hot, but plain and crisp.

  • Cucumber


    Cultivated with advanced technology, crystal clear water and organic fermented fertilizer, Gongju cucumber has a distinctive color and excellent flavor

    • Sale period : March to June and October to December
  • Watermelon


    Watermelons are grown in an area with abundant daylight and organic matter in the soil. They are very delicious and sweet with high sugar content. It is known for the thin skin and excellent flavor and quality

    • Sale period : August to September
  • Melon


    It is rich in beta-carotene, vitamin C and potassium, and has an anti-oxidant effect. It is a perfect diet food as it is low in calories

    • Sale period : June to September
  • Strawberry


    Gongju strawberries have a high vitamin C content and they boast excellent color, sugar content and smell because they are grown on fertile soil, with organic fertilizer, in an area that receives a plenty of sunlight

    • Sale period : November to May
  • Cherry tomato

    Cherry tomato

    Cherry tomatoes are rich in vitamin A and C, and have a high sugar content with a pleasant smell

    • Sale period : April to November
  • Pear


    The main pear varieties grown in the area are the golden pear and Singo pear. They are of high quality and excellent color and have a high sugar content as they are grown in well-drained fertile soil and under sufficient sunlight

    • Sale period : October to April
  • Apple


    The main apple variety grown in the area is the Fuji apple. They have high sugar, fiber and vitamin C contents as they are grown in well-drained fertile soil and under sufficient sunlight.

  • Shiitake mushroom

    Shiitake mushroom

    They are grown on oak trees in an optimum environment for mushroom growth, so they boast excellent flavor and quality.

  • Chestnut

    Chestnut (Bam)

    In Gongju, chestnuts are collected among the ones that have fallen from the chestnut bur. They have excellent density, flavor and color, and they can be stored for a long time

    • Sale period : year-round