Registration of Foreign Residents

Qualifications and Period of Foreign Resident Registration

  • Foreigners who intend to stay in Korea for more than 90 days are required to register as foreign residents within 90 days from their date of entry.
  • If the certificate of stay or the permit for changes is granted during the stay in Korea, registration shall be made immediately after the permit is granted.

Required Documents

Required Documents for All Foreign Residents
Application for foreign resident registration (can be obtained at Korea Immigration Service)
Two color ID photos (3 cm X 4 cm)
Supplementary documents (Different supplementary documents are required according to the status of stay. Please contact the Korea Immigration Service to check which documents are required.)
Service charge: KRW 10,000 (Government Revenue Stamp)

Marriage Immigrants

In addition to the above documents, marriage immigrants are required to submit the following documents regarding their spouses (Korean husbands or wives).
Certificate of Family Relations
Copy of Resident Registration
Letter of Reference

Application and Issuance of Certificate of Alien Registration

The competent office of the Korea Immigration Service manages the applications and issuance of certificates of alien registration

  • Korea Immigration Service (☎1345)
  • Issuance Procedure of Certificate of Alien Registration

    The issuance period of the certificate of alien registration may vary according to the competent office. In general, applicants can pick up their certificate of alien registration from the office seven to ten days after the date of application, or can receive it through home delivery by prepaying a delivery charge of KRW 3,000.

Management of Certificate of Alien Registration

  • The certificate of alien registration is necessary for identification of foreign residents. Foreign residents are mandated to carry it.
  • Reissuance of the certificate of alien registration : In the below cases, foreign residents shall apply for reissuance of their certicate of alien registration at the competent Korea Immigration Service within 14 days.
    • When the certificate of alien registration is lost
    • When the certificate of alien registration is worn-out
    • When there is no room to mark information
    • When there is any change of information (name, sex, date of birth or nationality)
  • Required Documents Passport
    • Application for reissuance of the certificate of alien registration
    • Letter specifying the reason for application (in the case of a lost card). (There is no fixed form, and the letter should simply detail the circumstances that led to the loss of the card)
    • Color photo (3 cm X 4 cm)
    • Service charge: KRW 10,000
  • Return of Certificate of Alien Registration : You must return your certificate of alien registration in the following cases.

Return of Certificate of Alien Registration When to Return the Card Required Documents
When you leave the country permanently At the airport before departure None
When you achieve Korean nationality Within 14 days of becoming a Korean citizen Certificate of Korean nationality acquisition certificate of foreign nationality loss
In the event of your death Within 14 days from announcement of death or within 30 days from the occurrence of death Death certificate