Foreigner support system

Korean Language Education


For foreign residents, learning Korean is essential to successfully settling in Korea and gaining a better understanding of Korean culture. Fortunately, there are many organizations in Korea that provide opportunities for foreign residents to learn Korean free of charge. Multicultural Family Support Centers, Korea migrants' Center and Korean Language School are a few of the leading organizations that provide Korean language education for foreign residents.

The Multicultural Family Support Centers also operate a Visiting Education Program, through which Korean language instructors are dispatched to the homes of marriage immigrants. With an increasing number of online Korean language education programs being provided, foreign residents can now easily learn Korean at home.

Education on Korean Culture and Life in Korea

Programs for education on Korean culture and life in Korea are being provided in order to help foreign residents overcome difficulties in Korean life caused by gaps in cultures and lifestyle. There are lectures and experience programs dedicated to education on multicultural understanding, law, human rights, marriage, family and adaptation to Korean society.

ICT Education

Most Korean households use PCs, and Korea has a highly advanced Internet network. Users can obtain rich information using the Internet, and enjoy the convenience of various online services, such as Internet banking and administrative services. Accordingly, many organizations, including the Multicultural Family Support Centers and the Korea Migrants' Center, operate ICT education programs to enable foreign residents to learn how to search for information through the Internet, and how to use diverse applications.



Counseling services aim to help foreign residents that are experiencing difficulties in Korea, by providing them with the advice that they need to solve their problems. (Family affairs, labor, residence and law)

How to Use Foreigner Support Services

Additional services for foreign residents include employment and business start-up assistance, and translation and interpretation services. For information on these services, check the programs of the following foreign resident support organizations, and contact each organization for more details.

* Source : Danuri (The multicultural family support portal site)