Multi-cultural Family Support Center

Overview of Programs

Programs Descriptions
Educational Programs
  • Korean language education
  • Education for families
  • Education on multicultural understanding
  • Capability development
  • Counseling (residence, finance, employment, human rights, domestic violence and sexual violence)
  • Counseling on family affairs and marital relations, as well as counseling therapy
Programs for Children
  • Childcare Information Center
  • Programs for the development of children's learning capability
  • Support for children's language development
  • Bilingual classes
  • Support for language education of multicultural children provided by local childcare centers
  • Learning support, through mentoring programs with college students
Programs for the Development of Marriage Immigrants'Capabilities
  • Family volunteer club
  • Employment and business start-up programs, as well as cooperation with industry
  • Opportunities to serve as native language instructors, multicultural instructors, translators and interpreters
Improvement of Awareness and Opinions of Multiculturalism
  • Relationship-building with mothers of marriage immigrants
  • Organization of self-reliance groups by nationality
Home Visiting Services
  • Visiting childcare support services
  • Visiting Korean language education services
  • Maternity guidance services

How to Use

  • Multicultural Family Support Centers are locally operated. The Centers are open from 09:00 to 18:00 during weekdays.
  • Call 1577-5432 to contact the nearest Multicultural Family Support Center.

Source : Danuri (The multicultural family support portal site)