Public Administration

Use of Public Administration

  • Public Administrative Bodies
    Public Administrative Bodies

    The main public administration offices include Eup Office, Myeon Office, Dong Community Center, City Office, Gun Office and Gu Office. These offices manage affairs related to the health and welfare of residents, the management of public facilities, the issuance of diverse certificates and the registration of diverse issues. Eup Offices, Myeon Offices and Dong Community Centers operate a wide range of programs, including cultural lectures for local residents. We can use the document issuance services at the automatic certificate issuance machines located at major subway stations or online (www.egov.go.kr).

    However, not every required certificate can be issued through the Internet or the automatic certificate issuance machine. In some cases, we cannot issue a document online without a printer and a certified authentication document. If you need to have an official document issued, please check the requirements in advance.

  • Police Stations (☎112)
    Police Stations

    You can call 112 or visit a police station if you are a victim of fraud, violence, or burglary, are involved in a traffic accident, or witness an accident or crime. At public phones, simply press the red emergency button and dial 112, or dial 112 without the local code from a fixed line phone or a mobile phone. When reporting a crime, you must do your best to accurately report the address, the name and the contact information of the reporter (you) and the detailed circumstances of the event. Giving information on the appearance, characteristics, direction and method of the criminals' flight may help.

  • Fire Stations (☎119)
    Fire Stations

    You can call 119 when there is a fire, when you have to take someone to the hospital for emergency care, or when you witness a similar situation. At public phones, simply press the red emergency button and dial 119, or dial 119 without the local code from a fixed line phone or a mobile phone. When reporting a fire, you should describe the location, floor, type of fire and any useful landmarks. When you have to take someone to the hospital, you will need to provide basic information on the sick person. You should maintain contact with the service crew until the 119 emergency team arrives, and respond to any emergency situations that may occur.

  • Post Offices
    Post Offices

    You can send letters or packages from post offices, which are located in all neighborhoods. Post offices handle domestic postal services and international postal services, and also provide some banking services, such as bill payment. For quick international postal services, you can use EMS. For detailed information on postal services, call 1588-1300. For detailed information on the banking services offered at post offices, call 1588-1900.

    • Domestic Postal Services

      Packages delivered through the home delivery services of post offices generally reach their recipients on the following day, but may take longer in islands or mountains. Service charges may vary by region. Additional charges are imposed if the packages are heavier or larger than the standard.

    • EMS

      EMS enables the prompt and safe delivery of letters, documents and goods up to 30 kg to more than 130 countries across the world. Letters, documents, L/C, books, checks of financial organizations, product samples, cassette tapes, video tapes and other commodities may be delivered through EMS. For some countries, the package weight is limited to 20 kg, including Australia, the Philippines, Argentina and Bangladesh. As the delivery of certain items is prohibited in some countries, you are recommended to investigate this before using the service.

  • Libraries

    Libraries support the learning, cultural studies and continuing education of local residents by providing access to diverse materials, including books and AV media. Most cities, guns and gus operate libraries. Users can borrow the materials from the libraries for free, and use diverse AV materials. For information on the nearest libraries, contact the offices of your city, gun or gu.

*Source : Danuri (The multicultural family support portal site)