Cultural Spaces of Korea

Korea has many cultural spaces similar to those of other countries, such as movie theaters, but also features some unique spots, like video rooms and cartoon rooms.

Movie Theater
There are city buses, distance buses and express buses. To use distance buses and express buses, you will need to buy tickets in advance. Check the time of departure and the destination before getting on a bus.
Video/Audio Room
You can select a DVD or CD, and watch/listen to it in a private room, at a lower price than a movie theater.
Comic Book Shop
You can enjoy various comics here. You can also buy or borrow comics, to read at home.
Singing Room
Here, you can rent a room to sing favorite songs with your friends, accompanied by a backing track. There are many foreign songs and Korean songs to choose from.
PC Room
Here, you can use PCs to play games, email, search the worldwide web, and prepare documents after paying a fee. It is easy to find PC rooms. The fee is usually 1,000 to 1,500 won per hour.

*Source : Danuri (The multicultural family support portal site)