Education of Children

The primary school curriculum consists of a six-year program. Students age six and up may attend primary school. Subjects in the curriculum can be divided into the categories of Korean, Mathematics, Ethical Life, Wise Life (social studies and natural sciences) and Fun Life (music, arts and P.E.). Primary education is provided as a mandatory, free educational service. Parents may be penalized if they do not allow their child to attend primary school.

Guide to Elementary School Admission

  • Candidates for Elementary School Admission
    • Children who will reach the age of 6 in the same calendar year as the year of admission
    • Including :children who reached the required age in the previous year, but for whom mandatory education was postponed
    • Excluding : children already enrolled through early admission
  • Admission Process for Elementary School

    The elementary school admission process can be summarized in the five following steps.

    The elementary school admission process

    National elementary schools are elementary schools annexed to teachers' colleges or colleges of education. The admission process for national and private elementary school is somewhat different from that for public schools. As national and private elementary schools select new students earlier than public schools, students who do not wish to enter national and private schools may choose to attend public schools.

    For the curriculum and schedule of national and private elementary schools, please contact the schools directly or refer to their homepages, as it may differ between schools.

  • Admission of a child whose registration is cancelled, who is not registered, or who is illegally residing in Korea
    • The heads of all eups, myuns, and dongs work closely with school principals to provide mandatory education for all children, regardless of their visa status. Therefore, children with cancelled registration, or who are not registered, or who are illegally residing in Korea, are still eligible for education.
    • Preschool children are granted admission after confirming the fact of residence with basic livelihood security number, rental contract, written confirmation of residence, certificate of family relationship, verification of immigration, verification of foreigner registration, etc.

*Source : Danuri (The multicultural family support portal site)