Middle School Education

The middle school curriculum consists of a three-year program. Its subjects include Korean, social studies, mathematics, science, technology and engineering, domestic sciences, P.E., music, arts and foreign language (English). Students are assigned to attend the nearest middle school to their home, and like primary school education, middle school education is mandatory. Parents may be penalized if they do not allow their child to attend middle school.

Academic Programs and Courses

The middle school curriculum adopted a system to accommodate different levels of students, and to maximize potential and learning efficiency of each student by catering to individual demands, abilities, aptitudes and interests. In grades 7 ~ 9, Math and English courses are categorized within a step-level curriculum, while Korean, social studies and science are categorized as advanced/extra level curriculum. Areas of study for each academic course are tabled below.

Course Areas of Study
Ethics Individuals, Family, Neighbors and School, Society, Nation and People
Korean Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Korean Knowledge, Literature
Math Arithmetic, Functions, Probability and Statistics, Geometry, Measurements
Social Studies Geography (Humanity and Space), General Social Studies (Humanity and Society), World and Korean History (Humanity and Time)
Science Knowledge (Exercise and Energy, Matter, Life, Earth), Research (Observe, Categorize, Measure, Experiment, Analyze, Investigate)
Physical Education Track and Fields, Gymnastics, Swimming, Individual and Group Exercise, Dance, Physical Training, Theory, Health and Preservation
Music Understanding (Rhythm, Key, Melody, Form, Dynamics, Speed, Pitch), Activities (Vocal, Instruments, Creative, Listening)
Studio Art Artistic Experience, Expression, Art Appreciation
Skills/Home Economics Understanding Family and Work, Everyday Skills, Maintenance of Life Resources and the Environment
English Vocal Language Skills (Listening, Speaking), Written Language Skills (Reading, Writing)

Source : Danuri (The multicultural family support portal site)