Community Health Center

Public health centers are government-funded centers that aim to help members of the public to maintain and manage their health. The medical treatments provided include vaccinations, treatment for chronic illnesses, physical examinations, treatment for injuries, dental treatment, and oriental medical treatment. Medical treatments are offered here at a less expensive fee than at regular medical institutions.

Medical Examination and Treatment

Medical institutions are categorized according to the scale of the institution, the order of use, the services, and specializations. Patients in need of medical treatment for the flu or digestive problems may visit a local hospital. When more intensive examination is required, a patient may be treated at a general hospital or a university hospital.

Classification Contents
Medical Examination and Treatment High blood pressure, diabetes, chronic diseases, physical examinations, physical treatment
Oriental Medical Treatment Acupuncture, moxa cautery, herbal medication
Dental Treatment Dental examination and consultation, dental health, cavity treatment, tooth extraction, etc.
Medical Expenses
  • 6The elderly, recipients of medical allowance : Free of charge
  • Medical examinations and treatment = 1,100 won
  • Dental treatment = 1,100 won
  • Oriental medical treatment = 1,100 won
  • Physical therapy = 500 won
Process Registration → Examination and Treatment → Payment → Prescription → Pharmacy

Customized Home Visit Medical Care Service

Public health centers also offer home medical care. A staff member from a local public health center can visit your house to provide medical treatment, or connect you with a suitable medical institution.

Local residents who have health problems among beneficiaries of the National Basic Livelihood Security System, and the poor
The elderly (above 65 years of age) are given priority for treatment.
Health management for stroke victims and patients suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, dementia, or mental illness
Family health management for chronic illness, disability, and accidents
Health management for pregnant women, and healthy development guidance for infants
Health education and consultation, and regular home visit health care service
Education in good practices for health improvement
How to Apply
How to Apply
Apply as a beneficiary at the Visiting Health Care Division of a local public health center.
A staff member will assess the health of the applicant, and determine whether the applicant needs to visit medical care service.
Recipients will be visited at regular intervals based on the degree of illness.

Free Mental Healthcare Service

Mental Health Centers are public health organizations that prevent mental illness, diagnose patients with mental illnesses, provide counseling and rehabilitation services, manage cases, and provide education and PR services for mental health improvement. Patients who have difficulties due to depression, mental health disorders and/or drug addiction may seek counseling services and help from the nearest Mental Health Center.

The program for the registration and management of patients with mental illnesses is available to patients with mental illnesses and their families.
The program for the prevention of mental illness is available to all residents.
How to Access Mental Health Centers
In general, Mental Health Centers are operated from 09:00 to 18:00 during weekdays (Mondays through Fridays), though operating hours may vary according to local circumstances.
How to Use the Services
  • Visit a Mental Health Center, and prepare the application for registration.
  • Counseling services and test services are provided for new patients, and the programs that are selected based on the test and counseling results are applied.
  • For information on the services of Mental Health Centers, call the Mental Health Counseling Center (1577-0199).
Service fees: free (Service fees may be billed to patients who use special programs with high medical fees.)

* Source : Danuri (The multicultural family support portal site)